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About us

The NHS Clinical Leaders Network (CLN) was formed in 2005 in response to the widely acknowledged national need to develop and sustain a source of local clinical champions who in turn will act as agents of change.

Now in its 15th year, the NHS CLN is an established professional network for all frontline practicing clinicians, care providers, care leaders and clinical leaders across England, enabling them to develop professionally and personally as well as support and develop large scale transformational change across health & social care.

The NHS CLN aims to be a nexus between frontline leadership, policy makers and national decision makers with the purpose of developing shared leadership to meet the NHS strategic vision. A strategic partner that supports innovation, defines best practice and enables standardisation delivering the best outcomes.

Open to a variety of professionals from within the healthcare sector, the CLN strives to:

- Empower frontline clinicians

- Develop clinical leaders

- Influence health policy

- Improve quality and productivity

- Deliver patient centered services

- Promote shared leadership with system managers

These above objectives are met by way of a structured programme of service improvement which is based upon regular action learning; allowing our members the opportunity to actively debate concerns, undertake problem solving and plan practical action that will improve the quality of their care services.

It has many benefits with the hope that together, the network can bring about real change and improvement to patient experience and service delivery at a local, regional and national levels.


CLN Board Members include: 


Dr Andy Coley, Chief Clinical Officer 

Dr Raj Kumar, National Chair 

David Rowlands, Regional Chair: North 

David Davis: Regional Chair: South 

Jane Cummings, Chief Nursing Officer

Yvonne Chadwick, National Programme Manager 


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